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Pierre Geisensetter | McFIT MODELS


It’s my pleasure to give you a first insight into the largest sports model agency in Europe. With a potential pool of 2 million McFIT members, McFIT MODELS offers a wide range of sports models and attractive athletes, who are not only in top shape but who also represent fresh, new faces in the model business.

McFIT MODELS sets itself apart from other agencies in the model business. As a sports model agency, we represent fit and healthy models that are attractive in a sporty way and have nothing to do with the trend for super-skinny types. We also attach great importance to dealing fairly with our models as well as our customers. Thus we accept all RSG Group GmbH members into the McFIT MODELS database and turn nobody away.

Everyone who has the will can succeed and you, too, can become part of our model community! Simply apply under “Become”, upload your data and photos, and make your dream come true with McFIT MODELS.

We are convinced that athletic attractiveness has many faces and abilities that ought to be encouraged. Whether you have already worked as a model or are new in the model business makes no difference to us and we offer all our models, whether professional or new faces, the opportunity to grow.

Pierre Geisensetter, CEO McFIT MODELS